How to Undo an Unwanted Step

Jade October18,2018 How to Undo an Unwanted Step undo

When we use MovieZilla to edit videos, the undo and redo functions are often used because of misoperation, so how do these functions work? Now let me share with you some tips, which are supposed to help you.

Step 1: Import files

First, you need to open your MovieZilla with a double-click. Then click the "+" in the middle to import your video and image files here.81a666aa332ac971.jpg (1188×728)

You can select the video and image you want to insert in the pop-up window. Now you can see the video and image files you just imported.37714540d2b58d8.jpg (1209×720)

Step 2: Edit your video

Now you can do some edits to add more effects, which will make your video looks better.

Step 3: Undo an unwanted step

For example, add an overlay to the video, but now you are not satisfied with the effect, which should be undone.c56e355ebc52d8d3.jpg (1080×680)

Find the icon "undo" and click it, and the effect is undone now. In addition, you can also use "crtl+z", which is same as the icon.56bf8636c8ea7477.jpg (1053×667)bdeb48418606cd21.jpg (1040×676)

If you want to resume the canceled step, click the icon "redo" or use "ctrl+y" to return to the formal step.c12a0a7e7ff436f7.jpg (1005×666)

Step 4: Export your video

When you are satisfied with the effect of video,you can click "Export". If it is necessary, you can adjust the format,clarity and preservation address of the video before you export it.e482e5bbf380dd8c.jpg (2164×117)6733ff6b8a7ce3ec.jpg (2150×1036)

With four steps, you can undo an unwanted step easily. Wish this guideline will give you some help. 

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