How to Upload Videos to Vimeo

Jade October17,2018 How to Upload Videos to Vimeo upload vimeo

Vimeo is a high-definition video podcasting site. Unlike most similar video sharing sites,Vimeo allows people to upload 1280X700 high-definition videos. After uploading, Vimeo will automatically transcode the video to high-definition video. Source video files can be downloaded freely. It meets the real high-definition video standards. More and more people want to upload videos on Vimeo.

Step 1: Import files

First, you need to open your MovieZilla with a double-click. Then click the "+" in the middle to import your video and image files here.e3f214e2e62a22e0.jpg (1188×728)

You can select the video and image you want to insert in the pop-up window. Now you can see the video and image files you just imported.

Step 2:Add more Effects

Now you can do some edits to add more effects, so that your video will be more attractive. You can click on options in the middle of the main interface,such as "music", "text", "transitions", "filters", "overlays", "elements" and so on, which can make videos more intresting.

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Step 3: Export your video

When you are satisfied with the effect of video, you can click "Export". Now you need to click on "Vimeo", and you can modify the title, description, tags, quality and even you want the video viewed by whom. Last, do not forget click on "export".ecbdd3fba883a422.jpg (2164×117)34aac811387081c3.jpg (2150×1036)

Wish this guide you upload videos to Vimeo easliy.

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