How to Remove All Transitions

Jade October21,2018 How to Remove All Transitions

In MovieZilla, if you feel unsatisfied after adding, how do you delete the effect? When you encounter such a problem, this article will help you.

First, you need to import files and choose transitions added.

8dc9673076ceb27.jpg (1188×728)331de1a1bf07e65a.jpg (2120×124)Suppose you add this "Cross Zoom" effect now, but after playing it, you don't think it's very good. you want to delete it and add another.

8d6f2c603170d9a9.jpg (1480×1474)

We can delete this by doing so.

Method 1

It just need to click on the button "none". Then you can find that all transitions have been removed.

Method 2

Click on the transition you do to select it.

31d0ffce7573d4a7.jpg (881×563)

Then, press the DELETE key of the keyboard to execute the deletion.

Method 3

Click on the transition here. Then right-click to choose "remove".

a45ff0cdd8e86fd6.jpg (542×313)

You can delete this effect.

df5e0db1827cc20f.jpg (890×660)

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